SPAD Hommage: Pilot Watch | WW I Fighter Pilot Inspired Watch

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Not your ordinary fighter pilot watch.

Inspired by the gauges of the famous French bi-plane, the SPAD S. XIII.

In early 1917 this plane was designed by Louis Bechere and played a central role in WW I for the French, as well as U.S. and British forces.

Re-live this glorious heritage through our unique and beautiful hat-tip to the storied past of this plane, with our rendition of the SPAD's chronometric dial.

A beautiful deep black dial, with both 12h and 24h markers, luminous hands, and tasteful French markings in subtle blend of past and contemporary.

- Super high quality watch

- Refined and detailed dial

- Stainless steel case

- Sapphire glass

- Ultra reliable Japanese movement

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